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Eugene Lysak, Executive Chairman and Founder of Impole Corporation has more than 40 years of experience developing best practices for account based marketing. He has developed execution tactics and participated in more than 1,000 business to business programs and campaigns across several continents with undaunted passion for obtaining the highest possible marketing effectiveness. Impole's blog shares and comments on trends, real-life client experiences, tips and techniques for organizations. We embrace best practices in the field of market and sales development to enhance top-line revenue from diverse enterprises and beyond. Check us out!

Digital marketing, from friend to foe of complex Business-to-Business marketing.

Today technology providers broadcast the digital transformation message as a necessity to act and change every aspect of their operations to prolong their business lives. Furthermore, there is an urgent need felt by tech companies to get the word out … Continue reading

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Mapping the B2B Decision Journey, Is Marketing Enlightened or Handicapped by Digital Tactics?

Today’s business marketing is vying for high stake complex solutions and must be modified accordingly for each supplier to stay competitive and relevant. When looking deeper and studying how new technology giants became untouchable, one will find that they deluge … Continue reading

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Is over reliance on marketing automation stifling your marketing innovation?

No one will deny that the last few years have seen huge advances in Marketing Automation and while this automation has allowed Business to Consumer marketing companies to thrive it has regressed Business Marketing innovation in certain ways. Business marketers … Continue reading

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The Ryder Cup 2014 and Business Marketing

What the Ryder Cup 2014 tells us about Business Marketing Business Managers often describe their actions in terms of metaphors drawn from sporting events outcomes. In this blog, I’d like to discourse on the parallels between the recently completed 2014 … Continue reading

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Is digital marketing impersonalizing your business market touch?

In some ways the spread of digital marketing spread has had a Doctor Hyde and Mister Jekyll effect on today’s business marketing. On the good side, it is easy and economical to send thousands of messages to increase awareness and … Continue reading

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